Episode 7

Published on:

3rd Sep 2019

Why does insulin and blood sugar matter? And should you stop eating gluten?

On this episode we're joined once again by Nutritional Therapist Carrie Temple of Strive.

We're continuing our conversation about the concept of food not simply being food, but detailed information for every cell in your body. Information that can be good or bad.

This time around, we're going to learn about why insulin and blood sugar matter, even if you don't suffer from any form of diabetes.

We'll also talk about medication. Most folks take pills of some sort on an ongoing basis to help alleviate symptoms of chronic, non life threatening conditions. But is it possible to approach these problems from a different angle, and look at prevention, rather than cure?

And finally, what's the deal with gluten? Should you eliminate it from your diet? Or is the gluten-free trend simply a fad that's been capitalised on by big processed food companies?

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