Episode 6

Published on:

27th Aug 2019

Counting calories and eating fats. Nutrition and diet

The food you eat is what your body uses to build, regenerate, and repair itself.

And that's one of the reasons why the quality of your food is much more important than things like the number of calories it contains.

On this episode we're joined by Nutritional Therapist Carrie Temple of Strive.

We'll find out why calorie restrictive diets might be doing you more harm than good, why eating fat doesn't necessarily make you fat, and whether or not you can out-exercise bad eating habits.

On top of that, Carrie also offers some tips on how to begin making positive changes to your diet!

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Organic Life
A podcast for those interested in eating and living in a healthier, more sustainable way. A way that works with nature, instead of against it.
Organic Life is a podcast for those interested in living a healthier, more ethical, and sustainable lifestyle. One that helps protect ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

On the show you’ll hear from health practitioners, growers, and various other thought leaders and specialists.

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